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2021 Planned Litters

This page will be updated frequently with breeding and pregnancy announcements for each litter. Please note that due dates are approximate.

Thank you for visiting! These are our planned litters for the year, arranged by the month they are expected to be born. Puppies will go home at 7-8 weeks old. 

Please visit our application page to apply for a spot on our waiting list! We keep a rolling wait list to help you get a puppy as soon as possible, but if you have your heart set on a certain litter, we are happy to accommodate you.

Prices are shown on each litter's page when you click the pictures of the parents!

Click here for pricing

We currently expect about a 4 month wait if you were to get on our master waiting list today. You are of course welcome to stay on the list for as long as necessary until your perfect puppy becomes available!


Upcoming Litters (Breeding in progress):

Roxie x Jasper
Multigen Mini/Med Bernedoodles
Status: 11 puppies born 6/5/21!
5 boys, 6 girls!

Puppies Available!

Ginger x Winston
F1 Mini Goldendoodles
7-9 puppies expected
Status: Bred, pregnancy confirmed!
Estimated due date: 7/31/21
Shasta x Winston
F1b Mini Goldendoodles
8-10 puppies expected
Status: Pregnancy confirmed!
Estimated due date: 8/6/21
Fiona x George
Multigenerational Toy Goldendoodles
6-8 puppies expected
Status: Pregnancy confirmed!
Estimated due date: 8/13/21

2021 Upcoming Planned Litters (Breeding Not Yet Occurred):

September 2021

Luna X Fitz Multigenerational Mini Goldendoodles

Millie x Franklin F1b Toy Goldendoodles

Izzy x Winston F1b mini Goldendoodles

October 2021

Remi x Diego F1b Toy Goldendoodles

November 2021

Bow x Franklin F1b Toy Labradoodles

December 2021

Chloe x Cosmo F1 Mini Goldendoodles

Daisy x Jasper Multigenerational Toy Goldendoodles

Maddie x Winston F1 Mini Goldendoodles


2022 Planned Litters

January 2022

Clover X Franklin F1b Toy Labradoodles

February 2022

Sadie x TBD Multigen Toy Goldendoodles

March 2022

Luna x Jasper Multigen Mini Goldendoodles

Millie x Franklin Toy Goldendoodles

April 2022

Zoe x TBD Toy Goldendoodles

Shasta x Franklin F1b Mini Goldendoodles

Fiona x George Multigen Toy Goldendoodles

Roxie x TBD Mini Bernedoodles

May 2022

Willow x Winston F1 Mini Goldendoodles

Izzy x TBD Mini Goldendoodles

June 2022

Molly x Freddie Multigen Toy Goldendoodles

Remi x Diego F1b Toy Goldendoodles

Click here for Breeding Partner Litters

Breeding partners are fully vetted and are personal friends, and I can vouch for their excellent breeding practices and socialization techniques. All puppies from breeding partners are raised in home in a family setting

If you are on my master waiting list and are open to a partner puppy, it is imperative that you monitor the breeding partner page and let me know if you'd like to take a puppy from one of the posted litters!

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