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2021 Partner Litters

This page will be updated frequently with breeding and pregnancy announcements for each litter. Please note that due dates are approximate.


Our spring rush came early! We have lots of partner puppies who have just been born or are soon to be born. Because of this, we are opening partner lists to individual applications. Please visit our application page to apply for a spot on the partner list of your choice, its great way for you to get a puppy without the normal 6-12 month wait!

Thank you for visiting! These are our planned litters from breeding partners for the year, arranged by the month they are expected to be born. Puppies will go home at 7-8 weeks old. 

Breeding partners are fully vetted and are personal friends, and I can vouch for their excellent breeding practices and socialization techniques. All puppies from breeding partners are raised in home in a family setting.

Please visit our application page to apply for a spot on our waiting list! We keep a rolling wait list to help you get a puppy as soon as possible, but if you have your heart set on a certain litter, we are happy to accommodate you.

Kiki x Winston
Fbb  Mini Goldendoodles
Status: Puppies arrived 2/21/21!
puppies available!
Oaklie x Tripp
Multigenerational Mini Doubledoodles
8-10 puppies expected
Status: Bred, pregnancy confirmed. Due 4/12/21
Willow x Franklin
Multigenerational Toy Goldendoodles
6-7 puppies expected
Status: Bred, pregnancy confirmed! Due 4/16/21


Aspen x Winston F1 Mini Goldendoodles

Mia x Franklin F1b Toy Goldendoodles



Sunshine x Winston F1bb Mini Goldendoodles



Angel x Winston F1bb Mini Goldendoodles

Rosie T. x Winston F1bb Mini Goldendoodles




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