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Rosie E. x Winston | April 2021

Rosie E., F1 Goldendoodle, Winston, Toy Poodle

Rosie E. and Winston's puppies were born 4/5/21. There are 7 males and 4 females. We got lots of pretty reds-ranging from a dark apricot to a warm cinnamon, as well as two "Parti" (white with red markings) puppies! We expect both curly "wool" coated puppies and wavy "fleece" coated puppies. Many will also have white abstract markings! Expected adult weight: 18-25 lbs. These puppies will be ideal for households with allergies, and should not shed.

We have an excellent flight nanny that can hand-deliver your pup to your nearest airport, or you can pick up in Logan, Utah when the puppies are 7-8 weeks old.

Cost: $4000 for your choice of  puppy. Pick order will take place in the same order that deposits are paid.

Please visit our application page to apply for a spot on this specific list. We will not be pulling from our master list for this litter, its great way for you to get a puppy without the normal 6-12 month wait!

1. Reserved (Female)

2. Reserved (Undecided)

3. Reserved (Undecided)

4. Reserved (Undecided)

5. Reserved (Female)







Rosie E. and Winston's previous litter

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