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Patti x Winston | November 2019

Please click the picture above to learn more about Patti and Winston, the exceptional parents of this litter.

We will have a new litter of miniature F2B (third generation) Goldendoodle puppies out of Patti and Winston November 9, 2019. This is a long anticipated litter for us, and we are so excited to see the gorgeous and unique puppies that these two produce!

We are expecting ALL abstract puppies, meaning every pup in this litter will have gorgeous white patches. We may even get some Parti puppies(white base coat with red patches)! This will be a litter of reds-ranging from a dark apricot to a warm cinnamon, and if we are lucky, we may get a couple of tri-colored pups as well. With both curly "wool" coated puppies and wavy "fleece" coated puppies, this litter will have something for everyone. Expected adult weight: 25-35lbs. These puppies will be ideal for households with allergies, and should not shed.

We have an excellent flight nanny that can hand-deliver your pup to your nearest airport, or you can pick up in Springville, Utah after the puppies turn 8 weeks old.

Cost: $3000 for your choice of  puppy. Pick order will take place in the same order that deposits are paid.

Puppies can be reserved with a $500 deposit, please click the picture above to fill out an application and get the process started. You are welcome to send in your deposit via Venmo to @artisan (Candace Dietz) as soon as you fill out the application if you want to get on the list quicker! We recommend getting your deposit in early as we expect this litter to sell out before or very soon after whelping-the last litter was all reserved well before they were born!

***Please note that I do my very best to match you with a puppy of your preferred gender, but it's up to mother nature! Every puppy in this litter should be exceptional-the last puppy chosen is usually just as wonderful as the first. And I'm a strong believer that we end up with the dog we are supposed to have. I have also found that there is no noticeable difference in behavior or personality between male and female puppies, and spaying and neutering keeps it that way!

Abstract Puppy sired by Winston

Final Pick Order

(Deposit Paid)

1. Artisan Doodles, Female

2. Ziegler, Undecided

3. Peterson, Undecided

4. Asisi, Undecided







We do not know how many puppies will be in the litter! If you wish to place a deposit and we don't end up with enough puppies, you will be placed at the top of the list for the next litter.

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