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Dolly x Winston| January 2022

Dolly, F1 Mini Goldendoodle | Winston, Toy Poodle

We had a new litter of Multigenerational Toy Goldendoodle puppies from Dolly and Winston Born January 20, 2022. We have incredible abstract (red with white markings) and solid puppies available. All with wavy, fleecy, Teddy Bear fur. Estimated adult weight: 15-20 lbs. These puppies will be ideal for households with allergies, and should not shed. We are able to ship, or you can pick up Salt Lake City, Utah on March 15, 2022.

Price: $4000

Picking order:
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Please visit our application page to apply for one of these gorgeous puppies. We will not be pulling from the master list for this litter, it's a great way to get an amazing, high quality puppy with out the 6-12 month wait!

Available Puppies


***Please note that I do my very best to match you with a puppy of your preferred gender, but it's up to mother nature! Every puppy in this litter should be exceptional-the last puppy chosen is usually just as wonderful as the first. And I'm a strong believer that we end up with the dog we are supposed to have. I have also found that there is no noticeable difference in behavior or personality between male and female puppies, and spaying and neutering keeps it that way!

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