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Most of our puppy parents live in outside "Guardian" families to make sure that they get all of the love and attention they deserve! They come visit us to give birth and raise their pups, and then return home to their loving family. Please fill out an application if you'd like to be considered as a Guardian to a future Artisan mama!

Artisan's "Lucy"

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Lucy is a White English Labrador Retriever. Her English genes give her a blockier head and snout, which combined with the shorter toy poodle nose, give her puppies a lovely teddy bear face.

Lucy is one of the smartest and most eager to please dogs I have ever owned. Sometimes labs can be too smart for their own good and get themselves into a lot of trouble, but Lucy is so happy to be praised, she will do just about anything you want her to! Her intelligence and obedience make her a perfect family dog, and we love watching her pass on those traits to her pups.

Artisan's "Maddie"
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Maddie is our sweet "English Cream" Golden Retriever. Like Lucy, she comes from English lines. That means a blockier head and shorter nose, which contributes to that perfect "teddy bear" Goldendoodle look. She is petite for a Golden Retriever, as she weighs in at only 48 pounds.

Maddie's coloring is such a beautiful golden cream tone, and she has the softest fur.

Of course temperament is just as important as beauty! Maddie is extremely eager to please, and has such a cute and quirky way of interacting. She gets along extremely well with other dogs and is very playful, but knows when its time to calm down.

Artisan's "izzy"

Izzy is an F1(First Generation) Goldendoodle. She has the ideal curly red fur, and she does not shed. She also has the beautiful blocky "teddy bear" face that everyone wants in a Goldendoodle, and she should pass all of these wonderful traits on to her puppies. Shes a great size at 50 pounds.

Izzy has the best silly, goofy personality. She sleeps on her back in the signature Doodle pose, and adds a lot of fun and entertainment to our home. She is very smart and eager to please. There are not many dogs like her on the whole planet!

Artisan's "stormy"

Stormy is an F1(First Generation) Standard Goldendoodle. She has the most beautiful wavy, thick fur and does not shed. Her shape and conformation are the perfect blend of the Poodle and Golden Retriever with her blocky head and slim, but solid, figure.

She has a friendliness and zest for life that are contagious, and she will use every opportunity to play with both humans and dogs alike.

Stormy weighs 58 lbs.

Artisan's "Ginger"

Ginger is also an "English Cream" Golden Retriever, but with a little bit of gold! She has the thickest fur, and the signature stocky English build. She weighs 57 lbs.

Ginger likes to be in the middle of the action, particularly when kids are around, and is super social.

 She lives in a guardian home and comes to stay with us when it's time to deliver and care for her and her puppies. This is to ensure that she gets all the love and attention she needs, and she certainly gets it from her human family!

Artisan's "Roxy"

Roxy is a second generation Artisan mama! She's an F1 standard Bernedoodle.

Roxy has perfected the "Berner lean" just like her mama Sammy! She is so obedient, and amazing with kids.

 We are so excited to watch her puppies inherit their mother and grandmother's intelligence and gentle nature.

Artisan's "Kylie"

Kylie is a F1(First Generation) Miniature Goldendoodle. She has the beautiful loose curly red fur, and she does not shed. She also has a lovely blocky "teddy bear" face that everyone wants in a Goldendoodle, and she should pass all of these wonderful traits on to her puppies. Shes a small 28 pounds, and her small size means that she will produce even smaller "toy" puppies.

Kylie has the sweetest, most eager to please temperament. She soaks up love and affection, and is always on her best behavior to make sure the treats keep coming!

Artisan's "Penny"

Penny is a F1(First Generation) Miniature Labradoodle. She has lovely wavy reddish apricot fur. Shes a small 26 pounds, and her small size means that she will produce even smaller "toy" puppies.

Penny has a bit of spunk to her that only adds to her irresistible personality. She loves to be the center of attention, but knows when it's time to settle down. She is one of the smartest dogs around!

Artisan's "Scarlet"

Scarlet is a pretty English Cream Golden Retriever. She is "toasted" with a hint of light gold on her back and ears.

Scarlet is very mild mannered, but she loves to play and gets along very well with both humans and other dogs.She has a very loving disposition.

 Scarlet weighs 55 lbs and has excellent conformation.

Photo Coming Soon

Artisan's "Chloe"

Chloe is a beautiful deep red Golden Retriever, which is somewhat of a rare find!

She has the most beautiful, soulful eyes and you can just tell that she's got more wisdom and intelligence than most humans. Her coat is amazingly thick and luxurious and we are so excited for her pups to inherit her spectacular beauty.

She is a quiet girl, but loves to be with humans and soak everything in. She has a very gentle nature.

Chloe weighs in at 60 lbs.

Artisan's "Winston"

Winston is our tiny Toy Poodle stud. His little 8 pound frame is perfect for making our Doodles "Miniature". He has lovely red fur, and white markings on his face, chest, and paws that are the result of the Parti gene, which he will pass on to many of his offspring. You can see how he has a nice round face, and the perfect teddy bear nose. His pups will inherit these traits from him, he is the ideal "Doodle dad".

Winston currently works as an emotional support dog in one of our Guardian homes, and has the best, most gentle nature. He is very calm and cuddly, but also attentive and playful. He is the best kind of small dog!

Artisan's "Franklin"

Franklin is our newest stud here at Artisan Doodles! He is a toy poodle weighing 6 lbs. He is a dark red with adorable abstract markings. He carries the Parti gene, which means that he will pass on his beautiful white markings to his puppies, and those markings will come in all kinds of fun shapes, sizes, and locations. 

Franklin is truly the calmest puppy we've ever adopted into our family. He has been trained as an emotional support dog for a member of our family, and fulfills his role so well, I don't know what we ever did without him! Many of his puppies will inherit his gentle and calm nature. 

He is the best boy!

Snowfire's "cosmo"


Cosmo is one of our toy poodle sires, owned by Snowfire Goldens. He is a Parti poodle, which means that all of his puppies have the white patches on them that we love so much! He has an adorable teddy bear face and gorgeous dark red markings.

Like all of our puppy parents, he has an excellent temperament!

He weighs in at 10 lbs.

Lucy at 9 weeks old

Snowfire's "Hanzo"


Hanzo is a rare Phantom Parti Toy Poodle. He comes from Snowfire Doodles. His specific color combination and genes insure that our Bernedoodle puppies will have the ideal "Tri-Colored"--Black, white, and brown look. This is not easy to achieve! But add in his intelligence and easygoing personality, and he is truly a one in a million dog!

He weighs 10 lbs.

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