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2021 Master Waiting List

Please note that we average about 6-12 months wait time for a puppy, but we always contact waitlist families first if a puppy becomes available sooner. Being open to adopting a puppy from one of our breeding partners will also shorten your wait time.



Starting in 2021, we are changing the way we do our waitlist! Instead of choosing a litter when the deposit is placed, we will now keep a master list of every person who has placed a depositThen when a litter is born, we will contact the families at the top of the list who have requested a puppy meeting that criteria, and they will be given the option to take a puppy from the litter, or pass and remain at the top of the list for the next litter.

You can always see your place on the list, and also see how many people ahead of you have the same requirements. I will also update our "2021 litters" page frequently with info about who has been bred, which pregnancies have been confirmed, and how many puppies are expected.

I am happy to answer questions about how this new process will work! Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Candace Dietz 801-426-5792 (call or text)

Instagram: artisandoodles.utah

If you'd like to submit your application and deposit to be added to the waiting list, please visit our application page

*** I will not longer reach out to those on my waiting list to offer partner puppies due to slow/no responses. If you'd like a partner puppy, please keep close tabs on the Planned Partner Litters page and reach out to me ASAP to be placed on the list of your choice! 


Artisan Doodles Waiting List
Please note that this list is subject to change for the next few months, as families from our 2020 waiting list who didn't end up with a puppy may be added to the top. Artisan Doodles reserves the right to keep a puppy from any litter.
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