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Angel x Winston | May 2020
 F1bb Mini goldendoodles from
Breeding Partner

Please click the photo above to submit an application for this spectacular litter!

VERY rarely, we partner with other breeders who share our puppy rearing philosophies, and who produce such exceptional puppies that we're willing to give them the Artisan stamp of approval.

Angel and Winston will produce such a litter, and we are proud to assist in finding these puppies excellent homes.

Please note that while these puppies are being raised by another breeder, we have confirmed that they are growing up in a clean and comfortable home setting, with extensive socialization being performed daily by humans of all ages. Artisan Doodles breeding protocols are being integrated.

We are expecting both red Abstract (white patches), and Parti (white base with red patches) puppies! Their spectacular coloring is guaranteed to stand out!

Pickup in Mona, Utah.

Hand delivery is also available anywhere in the U.S.

Expected adult weight:25-30 lbs

Cost: $3200 for your choice of  puppy. Pick order will take place in the same order that deposits are paid.

Puppies can be reserved with a $500 deposit, please click the picture above to fill out an application and get the process started. You are welcome to send in your deposit via Venmo to @artisan (Candace Dietz) as soon as you fill out the application if you want to get on the list quicker!

Final Pick Order

(Deposit Paid)

1. Artisan Doodles, Female

2. Reserved

3. Hayward, Undecided

4. Astle, Male

5. Somerville, Female

6. Taylor, Female

7. Holt, Undecided

8. Gonzalez, Undecided

9. Davies, Female


Previous Angel and Winston Puppies

10 Weeks old

6 months old


Angel and Winston

Angel is an F1b Goldendoodle, She has rare Parti coloring, meaning she has a white base and red patches on her body. She has the perfect round teddy bear doodle face and loose curls in her fur. She is a sweet and patient girl. She weighs 43 lbs.

Winston is our perfect toy poodle stud. Please click on his picture to read his bio!

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