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Summer x Knox | February 2024
Multigenerational Mini/Toy Goldendoodle puppies

Summer, F1b Mini Goldendoodle, Knox Multigen Toy Goldendoodle (20 lbs)

Summer and Poe's multigenerational Mini/Toy Goldendoodle puppies are planned for February 2024.
These puppies will be red abstract (white markings), with a couple of solid and parti puppies possible as well.
 Expected adult weight: 20-25 lbs. Based on past litters, these puppies should be non-shedding and allergy friendly. We have an excellent flight nanny that can hand-deliver your pup to your nearest airport, or you can pick up in Springville, Utah between 7-8 weeks old.

Cost: $5000 for your choice of  puppy. Pick order will take place in the same order that deposits are paid.

Please fill out an application  and send in your deposit to snag a spot on their waiting list!

Past Puppies

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