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Roxy x Dewey | December 2021
Multigen Bernedoodle puppies
Adult F1 Bernedoodle Tricolored
Adult Mini Bernedoodle Tricolored

Roxy, 60 Lb F1 Bernedoodle, Dewey, 30 lb multigen Bernedoodle
Roxy and Stanley will have a SPECTACULAR litter of Multigenerational  Mini/Medium Bernedoodles
December 28, 2021!

We will have all tricolor puppies! Some will be black tricolor phantom, and some will be chocolate tricolor/phantom and because the parents carry almost all straight genes, these puppies will have absolutely ideal straight/wavy fur texture.
Expected adult weight: 35-45lbs. Based on past litters, these puppies should be low or non-shedding and allergy friendly. We are able to ship, or you can pick up in Springville, Utah after the puppies turn 8 weeks old.

Cost: $5500 for your choice of  puppy. Pick order will take place in the same order that deposits are paid. We have a master wait list, and there are still spots open for this litter.
Puppies can be reserved with a $500 deposit, please click the picture above to fill out an application and get the process started. You are welcome to send in your deposit via Venmo to @artisan (Candace Dietz) as soon as you fill out the application if you want to get on the list quicker! We recommend getting your deposit in early as we expect this litter to sell out before whelping!

Past Roxy puppies

Multigenerational Mini Bernedoodle Puppy
Multigenerational Mini Bernedoodle Puppy