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the perfect puppy


We are anxious to make the adoption process as easy on you and the puppies as possible!
We often have buyers mention that they are set on a particular gender or color or "look". I will always do my best to help steer you to your ideal puppy, but I will also ask you to please think carefully about what you are looking for personality-wise. We chose our puppy parents specifically for their calmness and obedience, and we are confident that no matter which puppy you choose, that you will be getting an exceptional dog. That being said, some puppies will be better for more active family, while some will want more snuggle time and personal attention, and some may be more timid or more outgoing than most.
I will be keeping lots of notes on each puppy and will be happy to steer you toward what you are looking for while still keeping in mind the look and gender you are hoping for.
And honestly, have you seen our beautiful parent dogs? there is a 100% chance your puppy will be gorgeous no matter which color or gender you end up with!

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