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Doodle Generations and coat types


Terminology can be hard to follow for those who are newer to the world of Doodle breeds! So many generations and coat types! After many years of breeding, we at Artisan Doodles have narrowed our focus to breeding ONLY multigenerational and F1 puppies. We have found them to have the best coats. best personalities, and most beautiful look.
All pictures on this page are Artisan dogs and puppies and we are so proud of each perfect one!


third or later generation cross between two F1b, F1bb, or multigenerational parents.
Example: F1b Goldendoodle x F1bb Goldendoodle
This generation is the most variable and this is where we rely heavily on genetic coat testing! 
Here at Artisan Doodles, we see multigenerational Doodles as the future of our program, and the perfect opportunity to 
put our obsession with genetic inheritance into good practice. We strive for the straight/wavy fleece coat of the F1, with the non-shedding, hypoallergenic qualities of the F1b and F1bb in this generation and will for the majority of our puppies in the future.

Multigen Puppy
(wavy fleece)

Multigen Adult
(wavy fleece)



A first generation cross between two purebred parents. Example: Golden Retriever x Poodle.
an F1 coat tends to be straight or wavy, and have a "fleece" texture. Light shedding is possible, but we have worked hard on the genetics to make sure that most puppies in our program will be non-shedding.


F1 Puppy

English Cream F1 Mini Goldendoodle puppy

F1 Adult

English Cream F1 Mini Goldendoodle Adult

A second generation cross between an F1 Doodle, and a purebred Poodle.
Example: F1 Goldendoodle x Poodle.
In an F1b litter, we would expect half of the puppies to have a wavy "fleece" coat, and half to have a curly "wool" coat. And yes, we can tell you which puppy will have which coat by the time choosing comes around. We've had a lot of practice! This generation very rarely sheds, and is a good choice for allergy sufferers.

F1b Puppy

F1b Abstract Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

F1b Adult


A third generation cross between an F1b Doodle, and a purebred Poodle.
Example: F1b Goldendoodle x Poodle.
An F1bb coat can be  wavy or curly, this is where a knowledgable breeder comes in! Any breeder worth their salt will know exactly what coat textures to expect in any given litter due to extensive genetic testing.
Depending on genetics, puppies will have either a "fleece" or "wool" texture. This generation never sheds, and is a great choice for allergy sufferers.

F1bb Puppy
(wavy fleece)

F1bb Adult
(same dog)

Doodle Coat Types

Red Abstract mini goldendoodle puppy
apricot abstract mini goldendoodle adult
Coat Type Examples and Explanation
Doodles come with 3 different coat types: Hair coat, fleece coat, and wool coat. Here at Artisan Doodles, we ONLY produce fleece coats, with a wavy or straight texture (like the puppy in the middle).
These coat types are easiest to care for, and because we are so passionate about genetics, we have found a way to make them all non-shedding!

F1 Mini Labradoodle
We no longer produce hair coats, as they are generally seen only in F1 Labradoodles. As a puppy, the coat will be straight and have a "flatter" quality, but as they get older, the hair will get longer and get a bit of wave to it. This coat allows the dog to stay cooler in the summer than other coats. May shed some, or not at all. This coat will require minimal care, only an occasional brushing, and clipped a few times a year.
As a puppy, the coat will be very soft, and it may be straight, or it may have a slight wave or curl to it. The coat will continue to grow for the rest of the dog's life and often becomes wavier as she grows, but almost never super curly. Usually very low or non-shedding. The coat will need to be clipped every few months and detangled or brushed every few days or when mats occur.
Almost as soon as the puppy is born, her coat will have more wave to it than the other coats. As the puppy gets older, the coat will become even more curly. Always non-shedding. The coat will need to be brushed frequenly and clipped every few months or as desired by the owner.
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