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There is a lot to consider when choosing which Doodle generation is best for you. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.
     1.) Any cross between two unrelated breeds(aka "hybrid vigor") will always be healthier and live longer than either parent breed. This is because diseases that are commonly inherited by a particular breed can only be passed on to a puppy if both parents carry the defect. F1 Labradoodles and Goldendoodles receive the full benefit of having two unrelated parents, and can easily live for 15+ years, much longer than the average Retriever or Poodle. F1b' generally get this same protection!
     2.) F1's can be easier to groom. The F1 coat requires less maintenance,  some need only an occasional brushing. Some may shed a small amount(although most will not shed at all), but it will be nowhere near as much as a Retriever sheds because all F1's inherit at least some non-shedding traits from their Poodle parent.
*F1b's are a great choice for those with severe allergies, and generally will not shed, making them idea for allergy sufferers and those who can't tolerate any dog dander in the house. They may require more frequent brushing, but their grooming needs are not excessive.
   3.) I love my Labrador and Golden Retrievers. Both Labs and Goldens are well known to be the smartest and most easily trainable breeds. They are extremely loyal to their "people" and make excellent guard dogs. These two breeds in particular are known to be the best service dogs out there, and they pass those skills on to their Doodle offspring(side note-we have high hopes that our mini Doodle puppies will make excellent emotional support dogs, their small size is perfect for that!).
This is an interesting topic that many breeders love to debate, so please feel free to email( with any questions or comments you may have.

Doodle Coat Types

There are three different coat types for Labradoodles and Goldendoodles: Hair coat, fleece coat, and wool coat. Some people have a preference before they ever meet any puppies, but  I always recommend that unless there are allergies in the family(in which case some coats may be better than others), you should keep an open mind, because they are all pretty adorable!
My #1 piece of advice is to first choose a LITTER before you start thinking about an individual puppy. If you choose two great parents who both have the temperament you are looking for, and who are both beautiful and adorable, you will end up with a pretty dog no matter which coat type you choose. To be blunt: Most puppies are cute, but if someone breeds two unattractive dogs together, there is no reason to think that any of their puppies will grow up to be attractive!
F1 litters will likely have a mix of all different coat types. If I were to make an educated guess I would say that our litters will be 25% hair coat, 50% fleece coat, and 25% wool coat. F1B litters  will usually be a mix of fleece coats and wool coats. Below are some examples of these coat types and what you might expect your puppy's adult coat to look like.
As a puppy, the coat will look shorter and more lab-like(in Labradoodles), but as they get older, the hair will grow to be longer than a lab's and have a shaggy/wispy look. Goldendoodle fur will be longer, but still somewhat straight. This coat allows the dog to stay cooler in the summer than other coats. May shed some, or not at all. This coat will require minimal care, only an occasional brushing.
As a puppy, the coat may have a slight wave or curl to it. The coat will continue to grow for the rest of the dog's life and may become more curly, or stay slightly wavy. Usually very low or non-shedding. The coat will need to be clipped a few times a year and detangled or brushed every few days or when mats occur.
As a puppy, the coat will be longer and have more wave to it than the other coats. As the puppy gets older, the coat will get longer and shaggier and possibly more curly. Almost always non-shedding. The coat will need to be brushed frequenly and clipped every few months or as desired by the owner.

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