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  • A two year genetic health guarantee.
  • All vaccinations up to date
  • De-wormed at least 4 times(we do them every two weeks or as many as needed before you take your puppy home).
  • A puppy starter package, including a bag of our preferred food, a mama-scented blanket, and a puppy care information packet.
  • A puppy that has been started on basic commands, including the essential bite and bark inhibition.
  • Puppy started on potty training. We do the hard work, you keep it going when they get home.  
  • Early Neurological Stimulation performed on each pup daily. ENS is a series of exercises performed almost from birth that has been shown to make dogs smarter, strengthen their hearts and other vital body systems, and actually helps them resist disease. I consider ENS to be almost as vital to puppy health as vaccinations.
  • A well socialized puppy that has been handled and played with several times a day by multiple people. I have five children who will be happily assisting us with this, and we expect all of our puppies to be excellent with children.
  • A commitment from us that none of our puppies ever end up in a shelter-we will take your dog back at any point in his life if you can no longer care for him.
  • A complete willingness to provide support and answer any questions that might come up for the next 15+ years of your dog's life. 


Best Mini Labradoodles in Utah

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